Tuesday, July 1, 2014

US Nationals Senior Division overview and #imoutos predictions!

Hello everyone! CT MikotoMisaka here and I got bored so I decided I would write about the very little covered Senior division. ( because seniors suck but im super bored so w/e)

We are just a few days away from the biggest VGC tournament of the year the US national championships! What senior is going to take home the glory? What senior will come out of nowhere and shock the world? I'm sure none of you actually care! Anyway lets look at the top 16 seniors heading into US nats.

1 Brendan Zheng(Babbytron) 794 CP
2 Paul Chua(Pwny Person) 495CP
3 Cameron S(Drizzleboy) 458CP
4 Henry Maxon(Snake) 352CP
5 Marc M(Green Hornet) 310CP
6 Jacob Waller(Thank Swalot) 310CP
7 Ian McLaughin(Raikoo) 298CP
8 Lucas Monroe(vapor) 256CP
9 Daneil Cardenas(Kermitthefrog) 252CP
10 Emily G 252CP
11 Dylan S(dullace24) 250CP
12 Kylie C(Pwny Sis) 244CP
13 George Langford(Kobratail) 242CP
14 Elijah C 240CP
15 Brian Hough?(Firstbase) 240CP
16 Ryan N 235CP

Now normally i'd go into detail on why each player is good or whatever, but I wont because this division is irrelevant so I'll go right into who i think are the favorites!

I have 4 favorites going into this event and they are 2011 junior division quarterfinalist George Langford(kobratail) 2012 Senior Division world's semi-finalist Henry Maxon(snake), 2013 Junior Division world champion Brendan Zheng(babbytron), and 2013 Senior Division National Champion Paul Chua(Pwny person).

These in my opinion are the strongest players heading into nats and are my picks for top 4 at US nats. If theres anyone who could break into this top 4 its 2013 Senior Division World's Semi-Finalist Cameron S(Drizzleboy) and 2011 Junior Division Runner-up Ian McLaughin(Raikoo). Everyone else I don't care about. \o/ Oh and Ushaihk9 or whatever his name is for last place. If you lose to him you should probably rethink your life.

Now I asked a few of my friends who they think the top 4 for Seniors at US nats will be and this is what i got!

Snake's Prediction :
1st: Snake
2nd: Drizzleboy
3rd: Kobratail
4th: Pwny person

Technoz's prediction:
1st: Kobratail
2nd: Technoz
3rd: Pwny person
4th: snake

Dingram's Prediction:
1st Pwny Person
2nd Snake
3rd Drizzleboy
4th Emforbes

KingofMars' Prediction:
1st: Pwny Person
2nd: Snake
3rd: Kobratail
4th Drizzleboy

SoulSur's Prediction:
1st: Pwny Person
2nd: Snake
3rd: Drizzleboy
4th Kobratail

Simon's Prediction:
1st: Snake
2nd: pwny person
3rd: Technoz
4th: Raikoo

Jio's prediction:
1st snake
2nd: pwny person
3rd: kobratail
4th technoz

Technoz prediction:

General consensus has Pwny person doing really well no matter how you look at it! Easily the favorite going into the event. I mean he's the reigning US national champion! He definitely has a target on his back. Now I asked everyone who their sleeper pick for nats is and these are the answers I got:

Snake's sleeper pick: Technoz
[9:00:36 PM] Yung Snake: technoz
[9:00:40 PM] Yung Snake: is my sleeper pick
[9:00:50 PM] Yung Snake: i feel like he'll either not make cut
[9:00:52 PM] Yung Snake: or get t4

Cypher's sleeper pick: Thank Swalot

Jio's sleeper pick: Technoz

Soulsur's sleeper pick: Technoz

Simon's sleeper pick: Pwny sis

My sleeper pick is definitely: babbytron. World champ for a reason

looks like technoz is the overwhelming sleeper pick at this point. what can we expect from him at US nats?

thats pretty much it for seniors. I wrote more than I could care for. regardless snake and paul finals lgi.

seniors suck

get butthurt you werent mentioned, etc.

stay salty my friends~

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