Friday, January 16, 2015

#Imoutos Auction Draft Tournament

We decided to try a new type of tournament tonight - a draft tournament. The idea is that it's like a fantasy auction draft, but instead of bidding on players, you're bidding on Pokemon for your team. The guidelines were as follows:
  • $300 to spend on your team
  • Minimum of four Pokemon, maximum of nine Pokemon per team
  • Minimum bid of $10
  • Snake draft for promoting a Pokemon for auction
  • Best-of-three round robin after the draft
  • Player with the best record wins the tournament
  • You are allowed to switch your team between sets, but not between individual games. This includes items, EV spreads, Pokemon (from your pool of drafted Pokemon), and moves
The spreadsheet for the tournament can be located by clicking here:

Here are the teams that were drafted by each player:

Zach Droegkamp (Braverius):

Simon Yip (Simon):

Jio Neita (Jio):

Angel Miranda (CT MikotoMisaka):

Jonathan Evans (Ezrael):

Jeudy Azzarelli (SoulSur):

Alec Rubin (Amr97):

DeVon Ingram (Dingram):

Gavin Michaels (Kingofmars):

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