Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The #imoutos Guide to Nicknaming Pokémon

So you've just finished breeding your team in-game and want to show off how much of a weeaboo you are your good taste in anime by nicknaming your Pokémon after your favorite characters. However, there are 5 golden rules you should keep in mind so that you don't become the laughingstock out of your group of friends.

1. Don't Nickname After Shitty Anime

Many people tend to make this mistake when starting out. For example, the Buncha Bulls' very own Snake nicknamed his Aegislash after Asuna, but doesn't recognize Sword Art Online for the garbage that it is. Generally, you'll want to avoid naming your precious Pokémon after anime that you should be avoiding: such as Naruto, Sword Art Online, Shingeki no Kyojin, etc.

Nothing makes me cringe more than seeing a poor Tyranitar or Hippowdon being named 'Gaara'. It's not the Pokémon's fault here, the trainer's poor taste is to blame.

2. Your Nickname Choices Have To Make Some Sense

This isn't as much of a common problem as the first rule, but still something to keep in mind. Naming your Pokémon after somebody some to make at least some kind of logical sense that doesn't require too much explaining. For example, naming your Kingdra after Kamijou Touma from To Aru Majutsu no Index makes absolutely no sense since Kingdra is seahorse while Touma is known for breaking illusions and punching bitches. However, nicknaming your Kingdra after Misaka Misuzu would make more sense because they're both drunk.

Nicknames shouldn't be restricted to characters eitheryou can use attacks or special moves as well. For example naming a Gardevoir after Shokuhou Misaki's Mental Out works.

3. Don't Ever Use X's

This should be self-explanatory, but if it was I wouldn't have to make this a rule. This also goes hand-in-hand with Rule 1 since people that tend to do this also have shit taste in anime. A nickname such as "xX[name]Xx" displays poor taste and possibly an indication of being underage. However, the various symbols in the game's keyboard such as ♥ and ♪ are completely acceptable.

4. Don't Get A Big Boner Over Your Nicknames

Remember that these are just nicknames, and not the actual anime or characters they are named after. Nothing makes you look like a weeaboo more than circlejerking over how well a Pokémon's nickname matches. It's okay to include your explanations in your reports much like R_Inanimate and the #imoutos do, but there should be limits to how much you should express your nickname choices.

5. When In Doubt, Nickname Your Pokémon After Digimon

A rule made up by my baka aniki Simon. Just make sure you're following Rule 2 when going this route.


So there you have it, the 5 golden rules that the #imoutos have created to ensure that your friends won't laugh at you when they look at your nicknames. Always remember to never use shitty anime, make sense with your nicknames, avoid X's, keep it in your pants, and to use Digimon as a last resort. And don't forget to follow me @NickscorVGC!

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