Saturday, April 12, 2014

Welcome to the #imoutos Blog

Hey, so welcome to the #imoutos or #young_sister blog. The #imoutos consist of Simon(myself), kingofmars, Chuppa, CT Mikoto Misaka, TalkingLion, Cypher, Nickscor, SoulSur and maybe zaki. We're just a group of friends that play Competitive Pokemon VGC. We're all apparently weaboos too so we'll make a lot of anime references.

The reason for this blog existing is so that we can post our own personal opinions on stuff VGC related. Sometimes we might use language and references not appropriate for a place like Nuggetbridge. A lot of us are really biased too so we made this blog to share our biased opinions with everyone. We're not trying to become the next NuggetBridge or EggyEmporium or anything, we just want a place to share our thoughts ideas without having to be formal about it.

Most of the stuff I'll end up posting will be about how shitty or amazing some Pokemon and maybe some teams I'm working on or something. Not sure what everyone else plans on writing about specifically but I'm sure everything will be a good laugh, errr I mean read. My first post will be my NB major top 16 team(Which you'll see an edited and more formal version in the coming days on Nuggetbridge, I hope) with anime pictures that totally belong and are 100% relevant.

Anyways hope you enjoy the content we put up here.


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